Elijah Foulks goes by the alias “Knowle’ge” when it comes to matters of lyricism and Hip-Hop. It is his firm belief that music is a form of communication. Like all forms of communication, spoken or unspoken, music contains a message for the audience to intake and interpret.

The lyricism of knowle'ge

began in poetry and rap at the age of 7, but wasn’t consciously cultivated in a serious manner until 17. His greatest influences include his father (who was an MC himself), his cousin Elijah Fiddemon, (who goes by the stage/producer name “Stay Tune”), and his good friend David “Dangerous” Turner (MC and founder of the Hip-Hop group “Death Before Dishonor”). These individuals are responsible for exposing Knowle’ge to Hip-Hop in all its forms; stimulating his development as a writer and performer, and showing him that a voice of truth would be taken seriously.


Upon graduating from SUNY Potsdam, Knowle’ge made the choice to complete a master’s degree in English & Communications, resulting in a recess from recording music. Now that his education is complete, he has taken on two solo projects that will serve as his reintroduction into 518 Hip-Hop and set the stage for a life of music.









Unreasonable Doubt (2016)

Released 2016, Rustic Justice.

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I pray you realize the extremity in your stance, as you war against your polar opposite perpetually. I will not enlist into your army...for you do not seek truth, only war. Conversion of me will never occur....for I know....that truth lies within the harmonic middle ground, the balance that you and your warring sibling have transformed into a battlefield...


Sincerely Yours, The Sagi77arius Sigma Male

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